Condolence & Memory Journal

Dean was my tennis buddy for at least 5 summers, maybe more. What great chats we had while playing on the court. I miss those summer sweats in the sun. I wish I knew what happened to you Dean, I miss you!

Posted by Erik Hill - Friend   March 03, 2020

Dean and I were in grad school together and later ended up teaching at Wayne State together one year. I'll always remember his kindness and spontaneous humor, and the way he could bring them both into his professional life. There was just a sense of genuineness about him. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Jeannine Lorenger - University Center, MI - Coworker   February 17, 2019

It is hard to believe that the vital Dean-Michael Lynn is gone.

I worked with him at Wayne State from 2013-2016. He always pitched in to help with our events. He will be missed by co-workers and students alike. A nice man - gone too soon.

Posted by Teri Wertman - Farmington Hills, MI - Coworker   February 17, 2019

Dino - you left us far too soon; we enjoyed our time together and always considered you as part of our extended family. If my parents were here they would express the same. You will always be in our hearts. We will miss you. God Bless you and rest in peace.

Posted by Dennis & Mercedes Pelaccio - Highlands Ranch, CO - friend   February 16, 2019

Oh, Dean. The memories we've all shared, from trips to Cider Mill and putting up your Christmas tree. I cherished every second I was around you. Thank you for teaching me to teach, and for making the world a better place. I love you.

Posted by Dominic Nanni - Ferndale, MI - Friend   February 16, 2019

We are so sorry for your lost.Prayers to the Lynn family. Richard hope you are doing a little better this day.

Posted by Anita Harrant - Midland, MI - Friend   February 15, 2019

I worked with Dean-Michael for nearly 20 years managing my family's scholarship for the ELI. He was committed and dedicated to the Institute and always a pleasure to work with. Professional and pleasant, he will be missed.

Posted by Roger Ajluni Jr. - Bloomfield Hills, MI - Friend   February 13, 2019

There is never a time I wouldn't say Dino without adding Annette! What a beautiful Love story. I became much closer to Dino after I moved to Texas, He was part of the family, more than a friend. Dino came to all my family events, weddings, births, birthdays, and funerals too. Please forgive me for always taking you for granted, you were a wonderful friend, another brother to me. We had some great laughs and talks over the years. My youngest child, Abby, stated that Dino made me her feel special, loved and cared for, that He never met a stranger. You are Free now Dino! no more doctors, no more pains, just pure Joy! Can't wait to eat some spaghetti and drink some wine in Heaven with you dear brother in Christ! All Our Love, Jeanne, Jim, James, Cheston, Peter, and Abby Reggio, Your Texas family!

Posted by Jeanne Reggio - Flowermound, TX - Friend   February 12, 2019

It was with great sadness that I learned of Dean's passing; please accept my heartfelt condolences at this sad time. Dean was a wonderful man. He always had a beautiful smile. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

With best wishes and warm regards,

Omar G. Baker

Posted by Omar Baker - Friend   February 12, 2019

As one of Dean's former colleagues, my favorite memory is his singing in the hallways of the ELI. Dean was such an optimistic, happy person and his attitude made work less stressful and more fun.

I am so sorry that he is gone and hope his family and friends have the memories of his generosity of spirit, humor, and charm to sustain them.

Posted by Janet Scott - MI - Friend   February 12, 2019


Dean was SO funny! He had his classmates, and me, in stitches whenever he gave a presentation or even made a comment. At the end of the last semester I had him and his classmates, we met at my house, and watched a video he had done.....all of us in my bedroom. I don't remember the topic, but we howled with delight. He was a performer!

He was also one of my student teachers...and he was SO good. When he got his job at Wayne State, he told me that he could feel me on his shoulder, asking why he was doing that particular activity.

I was also chair of a state conference when he was involved in setting up the room for the plenary speaker at lunch. I couldn't find him...and then I saw him casually walking down the stairs, chatting with someone undoubtably about a presentation they had just gone to. Dean!! Hurry up!! I'm coming. And then under his breath, sort of, he said sheesh!

I wish I had been touch with him more over the years. He has stood out to me among all my students and student teachers of the last 28 years.

Dean was funny, self-deprecating, sometimes naive in an endearing way. I am so sorry

Posted by Betsy Morgan - Canton, MI - Teacher   February 11, 2019

To say Dean was "funny" is an understatement. I still laugh about things he did or said from a decade ago. His sense of humor and laugh was completely infectious.

I absolutely loved being around him from the minute we met. He was the first person that people would seek out in a room at any event. I first met him as a student and was completely enamored by him. Later we became colleagues, friends, and conference buddies. I not only miss him today, but have missed him throughout this battle. His presence is irreplaceable both at work and in the world.

I send my sincere condolences to Dean's family, friends, and colleagues.

Posted by Margaret Ogg - Detroit, MI   February 11, 2019

Dean and I worked together for 20 years in our ELI family at WSU, so I loved him like a brother. Dean was a fabulous, enthusiastic teacher, especially in oral communication and reading; his students loved him but also tried to meet his high standards. Many stayed in touch with him for years after leaving our program, as tennis partners or hosts in his international travels. Dean often told us every detail of his DIY projects over breaks and holidays: the patio! the kitchen! the bathroom! Dean had a beautiful sense of fashion and occasion, dressing in a sport coat and tie every single day with whimsical socks of the season before they were in style, always sporting his WSU lapel pin. Dean was a supportive friend in good times and bad. And Dean always talked about his beloved family and friends and his love of all things Italian. There is no one like him. He was our dearest colleague and friend.

Posted by Sara Tipton - Royal Oak, MI - Coworker   February 11, 2019

There are no words to express the sorrow, the deep void and pain your loss has brought to all of us. You gave all of us so much!

Your smile, your zest for life, your beautiful voice, your friendship and empathy...Your presence, your soul... Your courage and fight... Your incredible passion and love for teaching!

Our venting in front of a glass or two of genziana... our laughs and adventures in the Caronte Bus...

You made this world a better place, I feel blessed and honored to have been part of your way-too-brief passage on this earth, and your legacy, soul, and smile will give us all strength to celebrate you, your brief, yet intense and adventure-filled life.

The world has lost a great man, I lost one of my dearest friends, confidants, co-conspirator, guiding light and mentor...

May you rest in peace, Dean, you deserve it; you earned it! I envision you already hugging your beloved mother and singing along with her... Keep singing, Dino!

My most heartfelt condolences, sympathy, and gratitude to your beloved family. A special hug to your sister Julie in particular, who allowed us to see you, hug you, tell you how much we all love you and allowed us to say our last goodbyes; and who has been very patient with my constant texts and always graciously and promptly replied to keep us all informed about your daily routine during your fight!

You will be missed, Dino Martino... I will keep you in my heart, always, until we meet again!


Posted by Silvia Giorgini-Althoen - Ann Arbor, MI - Friend   February 10, 2019