Condolence & Memory Journal


Jeff and Candice,
I am sorry to hear that your father passed away. At the same time, I am sure both of your parent are joining together.
I am not able to come but my thought and prayer are with you both.
Dad (Jack Rushton),
I am sorry that you lost your baby brother. I want to share my sorrow feeling with you as you already lost everyone in your family as your parent and your two brothers. You are the last one. I cannot imaged that how you feel however you are loved by Mom, Karri, Heather and I. I wish I was there to support you, Dad.
To everyone else, I am sharing same sorrow with you all, as he is my best uncle. As I don't see him as much since I lived out of state. But I remember how great he is when he and his beloved wife (Karen) baby-sitted when Karri and I was young. I remember we had a great time with him when we lived in Warren.
He is GREAT uncle as I remembered him.
As I know he is great son, great brother, great father, great grandfather, great uncle, great friend, and great in everything for who he is.
May Lord Jesus Christ to be with everyone who grief with love.

Posted by John Rushton - Rochester, NY - Family   May 29, 2019