Condolence & Memory Journal

Aunt Jeannine, I love you!! Thank you and Kathy for taking care of my mom!!!! Gail and Kathy I love YouXOXO Paul I love you to XOXO

Posted by Jeany Hecht - Geneva, IL - Family   July 28, 2019

The love you had for all of us will never be forgotten. We are all truly blessed to have had you in our life. I will cherish the memories, especially of you and Ellie the pure love. I'm lucky to have had you as my grandma, for the life lessons, and values you have instilled in me. Love and miss you.

Posted by David - Grandchild   July 27, 2019


What I have learned from watching you get older is how strong you really were as a person.You showed me that life does have it's ups and downs but you get through it and keep going. I am so glad my boy's were lucky enough to grow knowing who you are. I know things won't be the same but I also know what everyone has learned from you will live on for generations. Youre one of a kind and will truly be missed.
Love You Always

Posted by Angela Burgess - Capac, MI - Grandchild   July 27, 2019

You have always been with me and by my side. How lucky I was for sixty years. You gave me strength when I was broken. Stood by my side. I am sad for me because I won't feel the gentle touch of your hand or our crazy conversations that would make us laugh. I will miss my little ones yelling out to you when they walk in the door, "Hi Great Grandma." You are such a part of me a mother and daughter connection only we knew. Thank God I was truly blessed that you were mine. You are always with me. I love you so very much.

Posted by Kathy - Daughter   July 26, 2019

Mom - No words can really express what I feel right now. Tears are running down my face with grief, but also with the joy of peace. No more pain, no more worrying. The best thing of all is that you are with daddy. You both waited a long time for each other and now the love you shared is longer than ever. I can even hear Karen laughing and saying I have them both now. I love you with all my heart and soul. You will always be with me. I can even count on you now. You give me strength and hope, but most of all your love. You are special and loved so much. Love, Gail

Posted by Gail - Daughter   July 26, 2019