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There will never be another like my Aunt Chris... December 10, 2019. The end of an eventful and amazing era. The era of Aunt Chris. Let me tell you about this era. Countless memories. So many memories that it would take days to to even share every one of them. But there are a few that I believe, people need to know. ELVIS. Elvis music, Elvis parties, Elvis impersonators, Elvis pictures and so much Elvis. COOKING. Wonderful food. She always had something cooking at her house. You could never leave the house without having a plate of food thrown in your hands to take home. My favorites were her cabbage rolls, city chicken and the best one out there, cheesy potatoes. One year for my birthday, she made me a whole pan of them, just for me. PARTIES. One thing Aunt Chris knew how to do was throw a great Midwest party. Drinking, music, and dancing down in the basement. Amazing food being cooked in the kitchen. Cards being played at the kitchen table. When it was nice, hanging
...(continued)OPINIONS AND GOSSIP. Who didn’t love anything Aunt Chris had to say? Whether it was her opinion on what we wore, who we dated, where we went, what we did with our lives, we always appreciated what she said. When it came to the rumor mill...we all know who probably started a rumor. My dad used to say “Tell a fax, tell a phone, tell a Chris”. SLEEPOVERS. From when I was younger and had them late nights with my cousins to when I lived with my Aunt Chris when I was 22. Hanging out, laughing and always enjoying a great meal. LAUGHTER AND LOVE. Aunt Chris has the most contagious laugh. It’s the cutest thing. And when she was excited about something, everyone knew and heard about it, just from her squeal of delight. It was impossible to not feel the love from her. She could be so mad at you, but you knew Aunt Chris loved you and was always on your side. CASINOS. She loved the casinos. A month ago she had said “I’m taking all my money from the bank and heade