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Roger Leon Beauchamp

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“Roger, you have touched my heart! I never had the pleasure of helping you along your journey, but reading your story brought tears to my eyes. What...Read More »
1 of 100+ | Posted by: Summer Blessing - Temple, TX

“Just seen your message on facebook and I really do hope you keep traveling the world and meet some great people ;) safe travels from Darlington...Read More »
2 of 100+ | Posted by: steven mitchell - darlington

“Roger what an amazing journey you must be having. Perhaps one day we will travel the same waterways. May God bless you and your wonderful friends and...Read More »
3 of 100+ | Posted by: susan acker - Bliss, NY

“RIP... the journey continues. ”
4 of 100+ | Posted by: John Land - Baxterville, MS

“Hi Roger, even though i did not get your message personally, i saw it on facebook. I'm in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Hope you get to travel everywhere....Read More »
5 of 100+ | Posted by: Francesca M. - Ottawa

“My heart goes out to his family. So glad to see that his message has reach so many. ”
6 of 100+ | Posted by: Shannon - Williamsburg, KY - None

“Hi Roger, I got your message on the message in a bottle that washed up in Florida today. I'm in Cape Town, South Africa and hope you come visit here...Read More »
7 of 100+ | Posted by: Keith Tiltman

“Hey Roger! Just recently seen that you'd made your way to Florida! Hope you get to see many other places also! Have a great trip! K.McDade ”
8 of 100+ | Posted by: Kae McDade - Glasgow, Scotland

“Safe travels Roger. And God bless ”
9 of 100+ | Posted by: Chad - Iowa City, IA - Touching

“I was touched when i saw your message on Facebook and I would like to say travel well and hope you lend somewhere in Africa..... ”
10 of 100+ | Posted by: T.D - Gaborone, Botswana

“Inspiring thank you for sharing such sincere faith, peace. ”
11 of 100+ | Posted by: Nick Pappis

“Wow, what a truly touching story! Wishing you calm seas and pleasant journeys......sail away! ”
12 of 100+ | Posted by: Wendy Weatherston

“I saw your story on facebook. It makes me smile knowing that your life and death has become a great tribute. I pray that you are in peace on your...Read More »
13 of 100+ | Posted by: Melissa Dixon - Atlanta, GA

“Hi Roger and Family, I along with many others have read your story on the internet. Your story has touched me along with thousands of others. I...Read More »
14 of 100+ | Posted by: Allison Padua - Henderson, NV

“Roger, I do not know you or your family however your story touched me deeply. I am so happy you are finally traveling. I live in Florida and read the...Read More »
15 of 100+ | Posted by: Julie Bradstreet - FL

“Well, from what if recently heard is that he was in Florida. From there he will most likely go to England or catch the current going to South America...Read More »
16 of 100+ | Posted by: David - FL

“Roger was spotted on a Florida beach. ”
17 of 100+ | Posted by: Sky Yukna - Middle river, MD

“Amazing the impact one idea and one person can have on so many... ”
18 of 100+ | Posted by: Chase - Palo Alto, CA

“Be free, be at peace, and know you are not forgotten. ”
19 of 100+ | Posted by: KL - Winter Springs, FL

“I miss you glad that you are traveling! I remember when we had our chat when Pixie got out of the yard. It is a good memory ”
20 of 100+ | Posted by: Dee Guy - MI

“"Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world...Read More »
21 of 100+ | Posted by: Jackie - Somewhere in, PA

“I never knew you but I saw your story and I think it is awesome. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless ”
22 of 100+ | Posted by: KH - Rome, GA - Internet User

“I never met Roger, but I am a better person because of his beautiful spirit. ”
23 of 100+ | Posted by: Dave

“Roger, It is quite obvious that you have touched many people today, and I'm sure that would have pleased you greatly. Enjoy your swim! ”
24 of 100+ | Posted by: KE - New York, NY - Friend

“your story really touched me and brought several dozen tears to my eyes. sail on, brother. your journey is just beginning. ”
25 of 100+ | Posted by: Alexis - Gatineau, QC

“Sail on! ”
26 of 100+ | Posted by: Shelly - AL

“Roger, i saw your story on imgur and you are awesome, I hope your story reaches many many more. ”
27 of 100+ | Posted by: John - Garden Grove, CA

“Roger was born but a single day before me in May of 1962. Sail on, Roger. I hope to find your momento on a beach somewhere, sometime. ”
28 of 100+ | Posted by: Jim Thompson - Austin, TX

“Someday you will be reunited with your family and friends once again. Until then, sail on Friend. ”
29 of 100+ | Posted by: Patrice - Montreal, Qc.

“Calm winds and smooth sailing. ”
30 of 100+ | Posted by: Jacob - Wichita, KS

“We found you on the beach in Jupiter Florida yesterday Roger, I had the pleasure of speaking to your wife Shannon last night. You have touched so...Read More »
31 of 100+ | Posted by: Jonetta Allen Rosati - Jupiter, FL

“May you see all of the world that you have ever dreamed of and so much more, happy sailing, you are clearly loved! ”
32 of 100+ | Posted by: Reddit Girl - Houston, TX

“His dream was to travel, and he has traveled in spirit here to San Diego. My condolences for your loss, but know that his dream to travel is coming...Read More »
33 of 100+ | Posted by: Corey - San Diego, CA

“Sail on my friend ”
34 of 100+ | Posted by: Kevin - Grand Rapids, MI - none

“Just saw this note on reddit. I hope you travel the world roger ”
35 of 100+ | Posted by: Jared

“Dear wife, I know reading all of the comments us strangers have left you will make you happy and touched and yet at the same time make you feel very...Read More »
36 of 100+ | Posted by: Elysia S Arnhem, The Netherlands.

“Smooth sailing and calm seas ahead! ”
37 of 100+ | Posted by: Charles - San Francisco, CA

“Heard of your journey through reddit. I read some of the candles and memories and I can only hope to leave the same impression on lives the way that...Read More »
38 of 100+ | Posted by: Richard - Long Island, NY

“Like many others today, I too have been touched by your spirit. You are the candle on the water for so many! Keep on traveling and never stop! ”
39 of 100+ | Posted by: Jen - IL

“Roger & Shannon, I saw your story on reddit this morning. I hope knowing how many lives he's touched today speaks to how far he really has...Read More »
40 of 100+ | Posted by: Melissa - Edwardsburg, MI

“You have touched many hearts today ”
41 of 100+ | Posted by: Redditor2 - San Rafael, CA

“I came across your story and was deeply moved. To your wife, what you did was a beautiful thing. I can tell the love you two share carries long into...Read More »
42 of 100+ | Posted by: Rachel - Stranger

“Your bottle may not have reached Australia yet, but i can only hope you wash upon our shores one day, only to have another stop on your long journey....Read More »
43 of 100+ | Posted by: Chris Wedlock - Sydney, Australia

“I don't know you Rodger as I live on the other side of the world. I came across your message in a bottle on Reddit today and it touched my heart. ...Read More »
44 of 100+ | Posted by: Billy - Glasgow, Scotland

“Saw the bottle on Reddit. If I happen to see you near the Irish Sea, I'll give my regards and toss you back. Sail on in peace. Enjoy the world. It is...Read More »
45 of 100+ | Posted by: Emrys Wyllt - Dublin, Ireland

“You're an inspiration! ”
46 of 100+ | Posted by: Sarah Goldt - Rostock, Germany

“You are a true inspiration to so many! You have reminded us all to dream big & enjoy the beauty that life gives to us every day. Thank you & your...Read More »
47 of 100+ | Posted by: SD - Leesburg, VA

“. ”
48 of 100+ | Posted by: .

“Sail on, brother. You've accomplished much more than most ever will. ”
49 of 100+ | Posted by: Voltaire - NY

“I'm glad you made itvia the internetto the nation's capital, Roger, just in case you never had the chance to see it before. I'll look at everything...Read More »
50 of 100+ | Posted by: Gina - Washington, DC

“Dear Roger, Thank you for reminding the world to treasure life today. I dream of having the love your wife shares with you. HN, Northeast USA ”
51 of 100+ | Posted by: redditor

“Dear Roger, your story has touched my heart today and my tears won't stop, your wife and friends are such wonderful human beings and it breaks my...Read More »
52 of 100+ | Posted by: Alex - UK

“Roger, You are such an amazing guy who's obviously touched so many lives. I hope to see you on England's shores soon. John ”
53 of 100+ | Posted by: John Healy - London - Stranger

“Came across your message in the bottle at reddit. Your story touched me greatly. I'll keep an lookout the next time I'm at the beach. Rest in peace...Read More »
54 of 100+ | Posted by: MiaoHui - Singapore

“I saw the picture on Reddit and had to pay respects. What a man you must have been. ”
55 of 100+ | Posted by: EskimoEd (Reddit) - Cape Town

“I just saw a photo someone took on reddit of your note in a bottle and had to come and say I hope you have a safe journey and clear skies ahead, Your...Read More »
56 of 100+ | Posted by: RedditorTash - Australia

“SAIL ON!! ”
57 of 100+ | Posted by: CartmanBane (Reddit)

“Bon voyage, Roger! ”
58 of 100+ | Posted by: a friend. - MS

“O'R the tides you go. I whispered a hello Roger Beauchamp! See you in every wave that laps my feet. ”
59 of 100+ | Posted by: cheri - earth, HI - fan

“won't forget you. ”
60 of 100+ | Posted by: Eleanor Crell - San Francisco, CA

“I heard about your message in the bottle and wanted to leave a message of my own for you. Thinking of you from the UK ”
61 of 100+ | Posted by: Tina - Dartford, UK - None

“Hope you get to make it out to Dublin and have a good craic! :) ”
62 of 100+ | Posted by: Reddit - Dublin, Ireland

“I never knew you, but your story has brought tears to my eyes. Rest in peace, and I hope you make it to every place you have ever wanted to go. ”
63 of 100+ | Posted by: Joseph

“Such an incredible maelstrom of feelings. I've never burst into tears before so quickly, but for such a human message, it happened. Lady Shannon,...Read More »
64 of 100+ | Posted by: Mango In Seattle

“I hope the tides bring you to the shores of New Zealand, it is an awesome place to visit! All the best to your family and your travels sir. I hope...Read More »
65 of 100+ | Posted by: Leroy Rooney

“Just seen the message in a bottle on reddit. Enjoy your travels. ”
66 of 100+ | Posted by: Donna - United Kingdom

“May the sea take you to places unknown. ”
67 of 100+ | Posted by: Reddit - KY

“Dear Roger, Your journey inspires me, knowing that you live on. Thank you. Shannon, I lost my Mom in January this year. I understand the gaping...Read More »
68 of 100+ | Posted by: Redditordave

“Thank you for restoring my faith in beautiful things. ”
69 of 100+ | Posted by: Kathryn - Brooklyn, NY

“You do not have to live without him as he lives on through you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. His adventures are now shared by many. ”
70 of 100+ | Posted by: Canadian - Canada

“Adding my message to the ever growing list - Came across your message in a bottle on Imgur this morning. Lovely idea to travel the world like this -...Read More »
71 of 100+ | Posted by: Jeff

“Requiescat In Pace ”
72 of 100+ | Posted by: Robert - San Diego, CA

“Float on. ”
73 of 100+ | Posted by: David - Eugene, OR - Strangers

“I hope you meet many wonderful people and creatures on your journey, Roger! All the best on your fantastic travels :) ”
74 of 100+ | Posted by: Lucy Starita

“I hope you're enjoying all of your travels Roger! ”
75 of 100+ | Posted by: Anon - CA

“Dear Shannon, You and your husband have touched my life, you have touched my heart, I saw the bottle on Reddit, I hope you find peace within...Read More »
76 of 100+ | Posted by: Bradley Michael Hutchings - Omaha, NE

“A man I never knew about just had his name spoken by a man he never knew. He touched mine, and so many other people's heart today. Sounds like he's...Read More »
77 of 100+ | Posted by: RedditAnon

“Another Redditor. I loved the note, and my heart aches for Roger's wife, family, and friends. I hope to come across his bottle someday and send him...Read More »
78 of 100+ | Posted by: Lynn - Houston, TX

“I was very moved to see that Rogers note was found. I am sad he did not get to travel with his friends, but seeing that his note was found is pretty...Read More »
79 of 100+ | Posted by: Becca - TX - Redditor

“I truly hope Roger and your message in the bottle get to travel all over the world. The beautiful thing is that today, Roger got to travel all over...Read More »
80 of 100+ | Posted by: Jordan - OR

“Reddit brought me here, his bottle was found a washed on a beach by a fellow Redditor. May he travel the worlds oceans and see all it's splendor from...Read More »
81 of 100+ | Posted by: Marisa - Sylmar, CA

“Even in death there is life. As many here today I come from Reddit and am so glad I found your message. Your message inspires me to fulfill my own...Read More »
82 of 100+ | Posted by: Daniel - Portland, OR - Stranger

“Your life did not end with you. You live through your wife and family and now you continue on through our earth. Keep swimming and when you get to...Read More »
83 of 100+ | Posted by: redditor - the Front Page, CA

“I feel I met Roger today. I met the kindness Shannon loved, and it brought a tear of joy to the eyes of a stranger. How lucky we are to have Roger...Read More »
84 of 100+ | Posted by: JP - Gainesville, FL

“You may not have gotten the chance to see the world but you did get the opportunity to truly touch people all around it. Keep on truckin', boss. ”
85 of 100+ | Posted by: Eric - Santa Clarita, CA

“I hope that wherever you are and wherever your family is that you all feel the love from all of these people all over the world thinking of you. ”
86 of 100+ | Posted by: Amy - OR - Just another soul

“Keep on swimming my friend. There's a whole lot more places left to see. R.I.P. ”
87 of 100+ | Posted by: JVJ

“Enjoy your travels Roger, rest easy. Feel free to drop by anytime. ”
88 of 100+ | Posted by: Eddie - Hong Kong

“I hope you get to see the world, buddy. Keep on swimming! ”
89 of 100+ | Posted by: Dcastell-Redditor - El MIrage, AZ

“Rest easy. ”
90 of 100+ | Posted by: AK

“I too dream of traveling the world. Maybe someday we'll cross paths! Godspeed, traveler. ”
91 of 100+ | Posted by: J. Reddit - KS

“Ride on the waves brother. ”
92 of 100+ | Posted by: James Gannon - Stranger

“I heard of his message in a bottle travelling around the world via; I'm so sorry for your loss and I think it is an amazing thing you have...Read More »
93 of 100+ | Posted by: Sara - Nowra

“I did not know you personally, but if you were kind, then I knew you by knowing that in me. Thank you for living. ”
94 of 100+ | Posted by: Jake Chapa - Arlington, TX

“I would be more than happy to take you around to the local castles, soak in an onsen, go sake "tasting", hang out at a local festival... Come in the...Read More »
95 of 100+ | Posted by: L - Japan - Redditor

“The world saw Roger today. ”
96 of 100+ | Posted by: Alex

97 of 100+ | Posted by: corey - boston, MA - redditor :)

“Rest in peace brother. Enjoy the ride. ”
98 of 100+ | Posted by: J

“From what I've collected in the recorded memories, your husband seems like a great man. I'm very sorry for your loss. Here is the link to the Front...Read More »
99 of 100+ | Posted by: Jordon - Reddit - Seattle, WA

“I saw your message on Reddit. I just wanted to say I'm sure you're family loves and loved you very much. Keep on swimming, Roger. Enjoy your travels. ”
100 of 100+ | Posted by: GP - Los Angeles, CA - Stranger

Age 49. October 10, 2011.

Beloved husband of Shannon. Loving son of Beverly Ann & the late Leon Beauchamp. Dear brother of Debbi and Anita Beauchamp. Son in law of Joe & the late Judith Everhart. Brother in law of Jeff (Julie) Elkins, Erik (Darlene) Everhart and Danielle Giannini. Dearest uncle of David, Scott, Haley, Noah and Lonnie.

Donations preferred to the Brain Injury Association of Michigan.

Visitation Wednesday 3-9pm and Thursday 10:00am until 11:00 Funeral Service at Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc. 36900 Schoenherr at Metro Parkway (16 Mile).